Update #3

Hello. I’m making updates to my posts soon. Currently, it’s easy for me to do reviews. Since I’ve been writing reviews on goodread (profile and feed on my side bar where the three lines are!). Because of my reviews on goodread I have a structure of how I review things. You can see how I format my reviews to give information I highlight and emphasize in each of my reviews.

Makeup Reviews: Soon

I stopped doing makeup reviews because my format felt short but not concise enough. Currently I am writing one review a week for makeup but I plan to go into detail in this review that other reviews might not give. I want to write reviews but in my own organic and edited voice. Currently, I am writing a few drafts and I’m research mainly the ingredients of makeup, which I’m not an expert in this field of chemistry and cosmetology. So far I am doing google searches, but the delay is that I am double checking all my sources and I am verifying information by fact checking things like ‘is talc just a white powder that is used in X and Y to produce Z component when mixed with H ingredient. While yes, some brands explain and give some information of what talc (an example) is. I want to go deep, but then again make my review ease to access to all my readers. This is where I am brainstorming how to contain and mainly edit this content based and focused on makeup. I will update soon with a few posts dedicated to just common makeup ingredient and once I have this foundation (in written and published posts) I’ll start reviewing as quickly and daily as I review books.

Book Reviews

Yes. I read more than use romance novels. (nervous laugh). It takes me a lot longer to review normal books such as nonfiction books. I do not normally read nonfiction books unless the topic is philosophy, theory or books in my research/major’s field: aka books on Asia (mainly in Japan). This is why I stick to reviews found in romance genres since, for me, this genre lacks great reviewers. I see some critics go ‘light’ on reviews whether it’s because they received the book for free, they have a bias, or don’t create about the writing and only want hot scenes. (Which to each their own. It’s a book so it can be anything you want it to be since it’s you’re choice to read whatever book you consider a fun read). Yet, I realized that some authors rise and gather attention because they are really good writers. Romance is just the genre and category these authors write in and doesn’t mean these authors are not great at their craft: storytelling. I want to broadcast and voice my love with these type of artists who inspire this love of reading and ever loving joy of trying to understand how humans (people) create bonds all easily labeled as ‘love’ since it’s such a free form of expression of human emotion that is universal. It transcends language, culture and society and to me this is why I fully enjoy romance novels since everyone can relate to it in one way or form.

Schedule of Posts

My current schedule is releasing one post a day from Monday through Friday. I post regular any time between the hours of 1-5PM PST. I have a few books to catch up on and then I will making more reviews for each one. While that is underway for this week’s schedule, next week I’ll be posting more varied posts such as bring back makeup reviews and a few new surprises too. So please be on the look out. Follow my site either by clicking the Follow bottom or subscribing via email (you can enter your email at the top found in my main menu located to the icon with three lines). I have my Goodreads and twitter feeds also located at the top if you’re interested in what exactly I’m doing.

Good morning~