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I think I am an average Josephine (Average Joe female version). I went to college, and I come from the internet world full of memes and GIFs. I am “old school” in how I view the world which is a mix of vintage with new world. I hope this is shown in my reviews and critiques. I review almost anything such as makeup products to things such as books and music. I go to Starbucks since I like the noise (sometimes) and the coffee is alright. Yes, there is better coffee in the world but those fancy cafe usually have people who are in and out in an hour top. I want to lounge and be productive in a cafe.

I have standards. Whether it the food I eat or books I read. If I think the writing is bad or the plot is too weak I will say that in my review. I get free books to review them, but I review them as I would any other book. If I do not like the book or can’t bare to finish a book I will let you know and state that. I am not here to please everyone with my reviews. I want to please those who’s interest relate the most to mine.

I’m ugly so forget I have a face. Just look at my fancy food photos.

My slogan for this WordPress:

I write to get better. I read to get away from the world and to renew my love for life. As corny and simple as that sounds, that is I. This is me. You’re welcome…. to visit me page and stalk only my social media.

Eli short for Eliazbeth but I prefer Eliza or Eli so I seem ambiguous with my gender.

Most of book reviews that marked as ‘ARC’ are from NetGalley. They provide books in advance before they are published. No you do not get paid. I do these reviews so I can read books in advance. I will take donation once I gain an audience since I have student loans to pay and I want to read, but I need money to read. To read I need time, to make time I need money to afford time to read.

That’s it,


Professional Reader


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