I think I am an average Josephine, who you went to college yet comes from the internet world, which is full of shit to try and toexplore. I was born and bred in the vintage world of reviews and critiques that now appear on YouTube via beauty gurus and other person trying to be famous. I review almost anything such as makeup products to things such as books and music and everyday Starbucks. 

I have standards. If I manage to piss you off once you read a review of mine then go find a review you like stop reading my posts. I love good fiction, good writing and I constantly try out new food restaurants and new makeup brands and products when I have the time, the money and the opportunity to do so. I will give my unbiased, honest review as well as my takes on what and when I expected something to be something awesome and say what I felt it actually was.

I’ll try not to reveal my face since I don’t want that kind of fame. I want attention, but it isn’t the attention you think I want. I restarted and made this new  blog since I felt this would be better choice for me to voice things in such an unfiltered way that visual representation of myself would ruin. Plus I’m ugly so why do you even want to see my face? Plus I’m too lazy to catfish anyone including you.

My slogan for this WordPress:

I write to get better, I read to get away from the world and to renew my love for life. As corny and simple as that sounds, that is I. This is me. Welcome. 

I tend to drink too much coffee, I speed to much time looking at YouTube videos and I always carry earphones around to listen to my own playlists of foreign, new, traditional music. Music has become my tagline, I end with a link to a song that inspires my mood at the end of an entry post.

Come and enjoy with me what I felt was wonderful or awful of a product/object.

Sylvia Nicko aka Eli (100% Homosapien)  

I write reviews with NetGalley so I can read books in advance, no I don’t get paid to do so. I do take donations since everyone is poor except the rich.

Professional Reader


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