Revival Manga Translations? ft song You Do (Outro) by G-Dragon


I am planning the revival of this blog since I have finalmy graduated from school, and I am enjoying my short vacation. I am planning to do a haul of things including books, albums, manga and much more. I’ve been reviewing and writing a few things already, but I am putting the finishing touch on some things before I publish anything.

This is a sneak preview of what I am currently working on. I should be finished with this chapter by Friday! Please follow this blog and like this post to see more of my translation work.

As a reminder to new and older readers, this space is just to talk and discuss cultural things that spark my interest. I want to practice writing and my translation abilities so putting these things such as reviews and translations are ways for me to show expressions in the medium of writing and the visuals. I am in no way a pro, but I want to practice and attempt to become a professional writer so I read the most girlish this ever because females have more time and money to spend because of society in America structures it as such. Women and females are key, plus who doesn’t love a good story?

Sneak preview of Kusosaki-kun iinai ninate naranai chapter 22, “I can’t sleep Tonight!”

You Do (Outro) by G Dragon, go check out his new album, “Kwon Ji-Young”

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