Trivium (Job Hunting)


I’ve been gone for quite awhile. I know that it’s been a long time but I was so busy with personal things that my blog was on the back burner among all the other things I had to worry about. 

I am a student and currently I am worried about my future. My major almost never translates well into the work market. I have some experience working part time and held an internship for a year. I have been applying to job since the start of this year and so far I have heard nothing anything from about 2/3 of the job listings I applied too. I’m so tried of applying and not seeing result. I fear unemployment. At this point I don’t know what to feel nor what to do. I’m using all the resources available to me but nothing. While I finish my degree my family in terms of finances isn’t doing any better. I’m worried about not finding a job and depending on my family, who is already under strains on their own. 

I know how hard the market is, but without some experience or without knowing someone inside then the market feels hopeless. I changed my resume so many times. I changed and became more aggressive in my cover letters because you have to seek yourself. You have to be convincing and pull off an air of confidence on paper. 

For anyone who feels diullisoned and sad that the job market frankly sucks, please know that you are not alone. Find services to help you with your resume, find people or friends to look over your profile (list of experience and education), and don’t give up. I kept silent about this because I felt rejected and ashamed that I, with my qualifications and education, couldn’t find a single job offer. I will continue to apply for over a hundred jobs until I find the one. It’s difficult, long tedious process BUT don’t give up. 

I felt that I need to voice this concern since I felt it grow longer and longer inside my mind until I felt it consume all my thoughts. Some things are simply out of your hands and I have to keep giving my resume until I find the job that is willing to take a chance on me. I hate that I have no control but it is what it is because I am the new one entering someone else’s space. 

Sigh. Can someone hire me? (insert laughter here).  


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