Vein of Love – R. Scarlett

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Vein of Love by R. Scarlett is the first book of the series Blackest Gold. When I first read this book, there was never in the book that stated that this was apart of a series. I was furious, pissed since I hate reading series. There’s so much pressure riding on the author to produce a decent second installment in a series. Some author do well and write enough book while most authors write too many books into one series and then decide to do spinoffs. I get that this is a business, but holy cow I hate how bad series turn out. The risk and gamble of possibly wasting my time with a series is just too high so I avoid series. I adore stand alone books even if these books connect in some way, although minimally, to larger series.

Please try to remember and understand that this is my own personal opinion. Unless a story has superior characters and a developing plot that requires more than 300 pages of words then by all means tell me and sell me your story. Otherwise get out and go write something worth 300 pages only or more than 900 pages. If you fill a book with too much detail that blogs down the characters and flow of the story then get out and keep working at it. I want a story that flow together. I want no word wasted, and I want at least semi developed set of characters. I feel that the market can be saturated with authors, but honestly those few who can write and recognize golden book nuggets are my heroes.

So let’s get to the review of Vein of Love. This book is R. Scarlett first debut novel, and may how I love her writing and consideration of each character and their background story. There’s development between characters and progress within the story although it felt slow for me, the pace of the story. The main character was young, naive [a little], but great when compared to other characters who are would ruin Vein of Love. Although the story felt a bit predictable in certain scenes, I understood why certain things occurred and how each scene added to the story. Demons is not original. Forced marriages dating back to hundreds of years ago old-marriage-arrangements aren’t original either. Yet, I enjoyed the story for what it was. I can’t wait to see how book #2 turns out Body of Crime [the current title]. I have nothing really else to say about this book. I would read it again. The writing is great. It was an adventure and left me wanting more.

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