Rebellious – Gillian Archer (ARC Review)

Rebellious  (Goodread link to other information including other reviews)

Release date: September 13, 2016


The first book of the series is Ruthless -> Goodreads link has more information including more reviews if my review doesn’t convince you to give Archer a chance. Bam phrasing.

Rebellious starts almost immediately after Ruthless. Rebellious has a great setup that stands on its own without Ruthless specifically for those who have not read the first book of this series. Don’t fret each book is a standalone with very loose connections to the previous books. Ruthless was an easy, light read for a story involving the MC genre book/series. This was not a bad thing, but if you prefer darker MC life as written in other series then this is not your book, maybe. Ruthless is not over the top with drama nor does it have major twists or turn like other book that force and pull out a shock reaction from the readers. Gillian always had a way with words, and Ruthless was not exception. Truly, I started the book and similar to crack I could not stop until I finished it all. I liked the book. I enjoyed the story.

(Okay so two things bugged me, but hear me out). I have some things to say that involve the character and do not indirectly relate to the writing of the book in how the story progressed and flowed from start to end.

Plot. There was somewhat of a plot in this book? Somewhat of a plot can be good or bad depending on the entirety of the book.  This book is a good example of great writing with little to almost no significant plot movement and development. Meaning that beyond the couple having instant love and relationships with each other, the book held nothing else beyond that beside one event towards the end of the book. As I said earlier. That Gillian does very little, or rather, miminmal drama in her stories the tensions were so low that it felt that the story progressed at an inch’s pace. I am not saying this book had no direction nor that nothing happened plot-wise, but the plot felt flat to me. I wasn’t screaming for like joy my face truly expressing “omg :0 whhuut” at every page turn that I do with some books I read. You know there are those books where you read and flip the page and you’re about to flip the table too because the author is a hardcore troll. The author keeps you on your toes of how the story is progressing and you’re trying to guess the author’s steps to see if you predicated the story correctly. Then you realize the author trolled you and you fell into the hole of doom. So you laugh and try not to smile when you fall into this metaphorical hole since you want to frown in disapproval, but you smile anyhow. Because authors who skillfully do this have beautiful writing and storytelling. Endings turns with no clear direction can ruin a great story with it is developed with careful intentions and hands.

Going back to Gillian, who does a great job at setting up books’ beginnings, overall the story is developed and nothing is half baked, but the idea of the situation in which the couple was formed from and placed in was not new. Nope. Being marked as ‘not new’ is not a bad thing, but I write reviews and I have to inform you and everyone if this book was amazing or a total flop. It was not a flop, but I wasn’t over the top praising and selling my unborn children to some shady person in a dark alley either asking for more of Gillian’s books. Also, the ‘love’ between the two was instant in the most physical way, which does occur in real life, but I prefer brain stimulation rather than just a hot body (physical attraction). I might be in the minority, but I love the snarky comments said between two main leads. Total foreplay with words, bring it handsomes. These reaction cause me to think and vocalize “I love this book” [I am joking everyone, joking, half heartily though].

Lastly, this book was more about a snobbish woman dating the biker president than anything else it could have been. This story has been published before like in every MC series ever. Trust me, I have read many of these books.  I think the one thing I did love about her books is that the drama is little compared to other tear-jerks, which is I do fully love and enjoy sometimes. Her characters are mature when dealing against second-lead characters. I love that aspect. I almost forgot the last chapters when things finally because a little intense, but I was only holding my breathe in for a few minutes since I realize this series isn’t that dramatic as other books are, which is not a bad thing. Sometimes we need books to be normal to an extent. Kind of like how some girls should choose the good guy not the bad boy. Ruthless was realistic to an extent, and I admire the short, well written -not dramatic- books like it. I am totally expecting this from Gillian now so please send me more books Archer. I fully enjoyed this ‘easy, good’ read.


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