Burn Down the Night by M. O’Keefe (ARC) Review

Burn Down the Night – Goodgreads


Why I’m in denial that they tried the suicidal session

twenty one pilots – Message Man (great song that fits the book and my review)

Where do I begin without pissing everyone off for having an opinion?

The beginning of this book was awesome. The female lead, Olivia/Joan(?), was full of such strong characters in the beginning. Nothing is what it seem though and that’s fine for the plot too. This book had a plot, but in the middle of the book after chapter 15 or so everything started to drag. I seriously skipped towards the end to chapter 28, and was like, “oh god it takes this long to find out about x and her sister?!” I did not bother to read chapter 20 – 27. I admit it I quit the story since besides the hot scenes nothing was occurring. Nothing. The pace of the story was doing so well in the beginning and I had such high hopes, but god the story was dragging on forever. It felt like the author had to fill the a quota of word count until she could mention and move on to her sister.

Look, I understand why she did what she did as a writer, but there are different way O’Keefe could have written this book. The characters and story had charm, heart, and full of potential, which was all ruined by the middle portion of the book. I don’t want to know if the middle was spent towards developing the couple’s intimacy problems. It dragged, several other reviews stated the same thing. I thought I was crazy, I’m not. O’Keefe could have used the middle portion of the book to find Olivia/Joan’s sister, plot that down, and then given Olivia/Joan and Max time during what happens once such large events happen. Sure, there is a HEA, but even in regular life shit could still happen before everything settles down between the two main characters. It felt slightly cheap to use the almost dying bit to bring them together. It does happen in real life, but this clique bit lost its effect since it was constantly  used since the very beginning. It’s like great job author, we know both of them are in constant danger like’s what’s new. Nothing. Nothing is new.

I would borrow this from a library, but I wouldn’t buy this book. Sure it was steamy at times and the characters were well-developed, but the story just felt ill paced overall. Trust me, you can find other books with overall better story pace, character development, and just as serious and dangerous atmospheres of MCs, drugs, and cults-inserted-as-plot-devices. [Cough*Tillie Cole – It Ain’t Me, Babe*cough way better series that does everything the same*COUGH].


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