Re: Welcome #2

Hello. I wrote awhile back a very short welcome for this blog. It was about what to expect in this wordpress/blog. I think the purpose behind this blog will always change, but the main goal is about reviewing books, a lot of books. I do try to spread my writing onto other topics such as makeup and music, food and travel adventures, which are all hobbies/interests of mine. I realized that regarding books I try not to summarize what happens within a book, but really try to evaluate a book by the style of writing, editing, plot and flow used within a book. Some books are pure magic once you open them while others (many) are duds or half-boiled potatoes.

Makeup Posts

With makeup dedicated posts, I try to do the same thing as I do with books, but I focus on other things such as what products are useful or total bullshit. I understand how some things from makeup companies are marketed. Some brands market their products for a certain type of audience, and because I use a variety of products that are from Asia that target totally different needs than American markets I want to use that knowledge to help everyone who reads this blog.


I travel quite often, luckily. I had the advantage to travel to three other countries and other states in the US. I am from California, which is diverse in itself, but I also understand that other states and regions in the US follow different rules and practices. Similar to the other countries I’ve been too each country was different to America. (P.S. The other countries I went to were not located anywhere near Europe nor was it Mexico). I have experienced different types of seasons and weather conditions. I know what the ocean, mountains and plains look like etc. I lived in the country and large cities. I do know three languages one of which is an Asian language that is not native to my linguistic skills.


To say in the simplest terms, each region of my interest varies. My music taste is almost something spiritual to me despite how lame that sounds to my logical mind. From products and advisement plan seen at home and abroad, each item is special for what your needs may be. I plan to be critical of everything along with given comedic humor that peak through from my own personality. Of course, prices, ingredients, and types of tastes vary everywhere. Not everyone is the same nor does everyone have the same tastes, and so it never hurts to give even more input onto of the already available reviews seen online provided by other services in order for people to find the answers they need/who might want it/want to read it.




Tear in My Heart

[A little snippet of my music passion. It will always be a hobby and love of mine, but never more since I do not want the atmosphere of work attached to music.]

There is bullshit in the world. That is why so many people review this or that product or service. I am not nor do I want to be some beauty guru/youtuber. I do not simply want be a book reviewer. I review life my own life and the things I like. I have an opinion and I’m spread this spew of words around like hazelnut spread on a bagel. I found it extremely funny and satisfying that in the MV ‘Tear in My Heart’ there was this one line that went, ‘the songs on the radio are okay‘ and then the singer shakes his head signifying no. Cause he knows that line is bullshit despite singing it. The following line is a bit cheesy, but in the following verses, where it goes, “I’m driving here I sit, cursing my government,
For not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement.” Pure bliss of music magic.

The whole song and video are done so well. It impressed me. I am not easily impressed, by people things or services. I blame my past experiences of great experiences via people, things and services. After seeing the MV, I saw the complete charm of this music group. They have million of views, fans, etc for a reason. I hope to achieve the same, but at my own level and desire/wishes. I want to write, and I hope through my writing people enjoy the same things I do or go on their own and explore the world like I constantly am doing.

Cheers from whatever side of the world you are from.


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