Turn Me Loose (Review)

Now I understand the reason so many people use gifs in goodreads. It does get the point across of emotions that cannot be catpure in a few words.

So without further ado, I will try my best to find gifs and post them in this special review for Turn Me Loose by Rosalind James.


Yeah, this gif explains exactly how I felt for most of the novel. lol. Please note that I am the male in this situation not the female jumping like crazy.

I am in no way trying to hurtfully bash the author and her creativity. I have an opinion and that is what a review is.


The book was not the worst thing in the world, but it had this pace that was too slow for me. Also beyond the slow start, slow burn, of the book, I just couldn’t fully love the book. I went back to the book repeatedly, but each time I picked up the book I could not help but wait for book to reach its end. I liked the characters, and the side plot [snippets] of murder mystery was good, but it drove the reader’s attention away from everything else. These snippets came in the form of chapters ever so often between the main story. The ‘mystery’ in the book felt abrupt to everything else that was going on in the book. The titles for each chapter are creative, crafted carefully for character development, etc. I thought the entire world in this book was created so well and so realistically that I felt so let down to feel the romance simmer and feel lukewarm.

So, I thought at this point (while reading halfway through the book) is this really a romance book? Is this book a murder mystery, and I just mistook the book’s genre. Nope, that was not the case at all. This book is romance since halfway through the book (once I got back to reading it) there were some steamy scenes. Yet, I just don’t want to read a book for some ‘steamy scenes’ and I am not trying to put down books that only serve that purpose, but I want wow-ing books. These books do more than give me a ‘wham-bang scene’ and with entire chapters dedicated to creepy murder mysteries I knew this book was more ‘steamy’ goodness.

Verdict: 3 out 5 stars. It was okay, I liked it. I will not be reading it again, and I quickly forgot the story and moved on to better books.


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