Until Harry L.A. Casey (Review) – Cigarettes by Marc E. Bassy

I’ve been avoiding the pile of books I needed to review. Slowly, but surely I am currently writing these reviews on all my sites including my now active goodreads account.

Until Harry by L.A. Casey was a great read. I enjoyed the book because it was well written, and to put it in simple terms the story just flowed from beginning to end. Spoiler alert [but not really], Harry is not the main male lead in this book. I thought the title was a bit strange at first, but once you start to read the book everything slowly becomes apparent.

Previous to Until Harry (available now! Go get a copy), I only read one other books written by L.A. Casey. I did not felt tempted to read other books from her collection since the burbs never appealed to me. The burbs do not catch my attention, and half the time because of this very reason I ‘skip’ certain books. Unless reviewers scream at me threw the computer screen, I avoid certain burbs since burbs reveal a lot about a book. You can try this trick I do, which is to get your favorite book. Once you decide this large feat, look up the blurb for this book, find similar books you like and read each blurb again. Since you already read these books, you can now see what was edited in or rather left out in each blurb. Some important facts are left out from burbs since this heightens the reader’s journey as each reader progresses through the book. The blurb to me is the bare bones, and that’s why burbs if they are not done well can make a book sound like a copycat of another great book. Going back to burbs of your favorite books, after you compares your favorite burbs to burbs of books you do not like you can see a pattern of which burbs are great, bad, or decent. Once you decide a book based on its blurb, you start to read the first chapter, and then at this point you realize whether this book is a ‘yas’ or ‘a hell no.’


Let’s go back to Until Harry. I really liked this book because the plot felt realistic. I felt that this book’s plot could have been repetitive by using certain cliques, but it was original in how the plot and characters progressed. Similar to a breathe of fresh air this book was so easy to take in and out. Seamless.

The story does give you a HEA, but also includes subjects revolving death of loved ones. I know death for some people is difficult to understand, take in, and read about in any context. I read books to forget death and my problems too. Yet, this books handles everything rather well that could seem glossy to some. It depends on your tastes in books.Until Harry was deep enough without tearing your heart completely. There was room to pause as small twists from the past are revealed in between chapters (which usually flashbacks set up between chapters annoy me, but not in this book). Each chapter was set up with clear thoughts in revealing each character’s purpose and course of action that lead them to the present and future.

Give Until Harry a try. Also if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can get the book for free.

Dedicated song of choice for this post Cigarettes Marc E. Bassy is blowing up in the music world. Go check him out too.


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