Golden Light – Random Makeup #2

We are so alike – STRFKR (Starfucker)

Yas, this is the second time I review makeup. Two of which were rather large samples I received this past year, and one sample I got years ago, which I now own in its full size. 

I have two foreign products, and a wide range of makeup and skin care products written in my review today. Products from both Japan and Korea (skin capital of the world imo). From well known brand names to obscure basic ones is what I photographed below.

Before I dig in, go listen to STRFKR since they bring out this inner peace of mind despite the lyrics of each song tearing into my soul as topics of life and death are descriptive images hidden within each song. Hope, their songs bring me a sense of peace and hope that even after everything good and bad there’s light whether it’s alive or dead. 

Note: I’ll try to link as much as I can to each product. Some items cannot be both via online as a few items I buy abroad are the status of “drug store” in that country so they available within the region in stores, but not available online.

I got this Dior sample four years ago or so. I usually never like strong perfumes of any kind except for a selective few. I don’t even like most perfumes to begin with, but when I looking into perfumes I found that there are three categories to perfumes (parfum) Eau de Parfum, Eau de toilette, and Eau de Cologne. Depending on the concretions of oils within a product categorizes to each respective category. Cologne does not implicate that a fragrance is for men, but it has the least amount of oils and concentration (less pure in terms of scents). This is mean either good or bad depending on how strong a scent is in its pure form. Some scents are stronger than others.  

I got a Dior perfume similar to Miss Dior, but I think it was the blossom ones not Miss Dior nor Cherie. I got the 1.7 oz bottle in Japan from a Dior store. I still have this bottle with me today after 2-3 years of usage. I don’t always use Dior, but for special occassions it’s great. It has this subtle scent to it that isn’t something my mom or grandma would wear. It’s a smell in between sweet, but more provocative without being a scent that scares “I am here to be laid upon your bed/wall” that a lot of people wear for going special events. It is not flowery nor two sweet such as those fragrances that are made out of vanilla ingridents. 

I got these two samples awhile back when I got new scrubs for my body and face. I’ll do a whole new review about skincare next time. I have learned a lot between people’s opinions, semi professionals, self experience, and I learned the differences of skin care for different people and between products of different countries outside of the US. 

I love Sugar, it came in a birthday gift package that Sephra gifts you. There is Sugar Rose, which has a very light tint as the Chapstick color is a heavy pink red. Sugar in original form is a clear, waxy color. I use Sugar lip products in two ways. 1) To hydrate my lips after the ruin left behind by matte lipsticks. 2) On top of matte lipsticks to give a very glossy look to your lipstick without taking away the lip color itself when you drink and eat. 

The product sample next the ‘Sugar’ lipstick is from Bare Minerals. It is called ‘skinlongevity’ that is not an oil and not a serum? It is similar to how a moisture feels without the full effect of a moisturizer. As you can see from the photo, it is infused with California Poppy plants among other natural ingridents to give an effect of a very light, fast drying mask full of active ingridents to help your skin heal. I enjoyed the product, but I wasn’t sure if it helped me in the long run. I did not feel any real difference using the product. I use other products currently that really help my skin and so I am not interested in this product since I don’t think I need it. I have other products that do similar things and so I think I prefer my other products than this bare minerals one. 

For the past two years I have used Korean skin care products. Technically, Yes, I could have bought more of those products, but I wanted to see if American products could help me. I love my Korean products since they always had this gel like substance to the product without becoming heavy once you placed the product onto your face. It was as if the product was concentrated water in a jar. I used Etude and a Korean product called Dermotology CliniqX. Etude moisturizer was great since it had collagen within the product. The product was around 24 dollars after taxes, which is way cheaper than American products. This product from Belif is actually Korean as well. I read the reviews on Sephora, and so far it has helped me with my skin. It is a product that can make your skin oily if overused. You do not need too much of the product in order for it to be effective. The price for the product was a bit high for my wallet. I will later update this post as I continue to use it throughout the year as my skin changes due to the weather from hot, warm, cold and freezing. 

I got this small MAC palette in some outlet store. The pigment was good, but the shining star was the middle gold color in the palette. Wet the tip of your brush or finger, and layer that color onto your lid in the middle and it does wonders to your eyes. The color is like a golden light shining on your eye lids. The bottom shimmery brown color is great for the edges of ceases to create a line on the eyes to extend the lid or add depth to smokey/cat eyes.

The next product is from Japan, but original from a makeup company in Korea. It is another Etude House product. The product is an eyeliner in the shade of a glittery dark brown color. The bottle did not last me a long time and it did dry out rather quickly which was disappointing. Yet what made this product awesome for it’s short term of life was the price and quality as an eyeliner. The wand was good not great, but it was super thin to create small lines around the eyes, and it was a rich brown that almost appeared to be black when applied instead of being brown. 

How much was it? It was only 5 dollars. It was really cheap, great and they had the eyeliner in other shades. I wished I bought other shades when I had the chance. I went back to buy other shades, but the store in Japan no longer sold the product. It could have been sold only for a season or two. 

I feel that people might want to know what nail polish I used. I do get comments in person, and I included the store, brand and the name of the shade below.

Since getting the camera to read the eyeliner’s name was difficult in normal sunlight, I was forced to go directly. Into the sunlight without going outside and possibly putting on shoes. I got my nail polish at Target, and it was called chin chilly. It is a mix of grey with purple undertones. I thought OPI was the best nail polish, but Essie is really a great polish, and even better than OPI. It slides onto the nail and unlike OPI doesn’t need to be layered so much to achieve a bold color on the nail.

That is it for today. I have way more makeup products I tried as I am trying to finish a large chunk of my makeup supply before I move again. 


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