Gold – Makeup Haul

Kiiara – Gold [Dance Version]

Confessional time. I am so close to being a Sephora VIP. I am usually never a VIP nor do I try to become a VIP  since I don’t want to buy so much makeup in order to become one. Becoming VIP just means that I have a new form of addiction too. It is hard enough being addicted to everything I like from books to movies to tv shows and food. I have to stop and not cross another line, but with makeup, I did, I think I crossed this metaphorical line the moment I went to Japan. (This makeup Japan addiction thing will be explained in another post). I also see far too many youtube videos (about makeup) and I want to try certain products to see if it can help my horrible student skin. The amount of trauma I cause through simple things such as lack of sleep, bad eating habits and all around having no time because I am full time student and I work like two part-times job have caused all of it this horrible makeup and skin care addictions I now accept. 


So GlamGlow mud masks… Firstly, so many people have rated. This for some people say it works for them while some say it does not. This product is for the skin we are talking about. Skin and receiving skin treatments whether this is products you buy in shops, online or go to the doctor for, skin is so fickly. You need to customize most skin product to your skin’s needs. So not everything will work on your face or mine. Luckily for me, I did see huge improvements via using GlamGlow. If you skin does not break out to this product then I recommend it. I enjoyed the product for what it was, a good exfloritating mask. This mask does tingle and tighten your skin. Each time I use it, I feel like I am pampering myself. 

Edit: after a few weeks from using this mask I see the difference. It’s small, but it’s there. So far I enjoy/like the product. It can be a bit drying of the skin if you use it so often. I also avoid the sun for personal reasons and I know on the bottle it says to be careful of sun rays as it can damage the skin (while using the product).



I also got the new Tarte eye liner. It is the smallest liner I own in pen form. So thin. Yas eye liner goals. It’s waterproof. Also I just saw it was sold out via Sephora. I really like the eyeliner as it’s easy to use for me. The only drawback is that it can smudge if you have oily eye lids. Do not wear to clubs if you don’t prime your eyes and get oily if you get nasty on the dance floor. Not that I did those things, aka go to club. But I tested to see how good this eyeliner was on naked eyes. For the most part it was a great durable eyeliner. The liner is small, fully pigmented and does sharp ends (wings). I would give it 4 out of 5 starts. 



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