City Photos

I really love looking out of a window and seeing the world from such a small of a outlet. Windows looking out from within. Sometimes the world seems so huge or so small you can’t breathe without your breathe touching another ball of exhaled air. 

Through a window , you see how a city is built. 

I look through building, on roofs, through pieces of glass how everything else looks from such a small perspective.

I am becoming more of a person into sports. I see their value and worth in the ways and the reasons as to why people cheer for such things. Many cheer for the crowds, the players, the wins and the losses. 

This is one of places I grew up with. I have many memories of adventures and hang outs with many people through the years. I love the atmosphere no matter how produced it may become.

On the plane ride, I see the skies full of clouds. The sun peaked out once during my travels. 

I always look up since looking down is never as much fun. I do enjoy the view of looking across the landscape from high plains. I consider that action different from looking down at something or someone. 

I hope you enjoyed my short entry with scenes of things that amaze me in small ways.


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