➕Bang Bang Bang – Made Men (Sarah Brianne)

I surprisingly enjoyed the two books by Sarah Brianne. She has a way with words like her mother (possibly Jamie Begley?). I saw the hype over on goodreads, and I am always skeptical. I rather read negative reviews to see why out of all the positive stuff fans said, why is there a complain? Maybe it’s positive feedback or maybe they were asses and their review was totally clueless and not about the book at all. It all happens. I’m not here to say, oh yes this book is awesome because xx and xx totally could be me someday or totally wet my panties etc. no. I’m here to showcase writers who I feel are great at what they do: tell a story.

Sarah Brianne you do tell a great story, despite not a lot happening and the time jumps, you know how to build characters. Take away the mafia aspect, these characters are like unrealistic, and crazy. This is a book, so it’s valid, I really wish I could find mafia hotties, but that’s not a life meant for lil’old me. I’m excited to see where she heads with her characters, Chloe came out today (April 30th), but so farm it does not seem as great as her two previous books. Many are saying that Chlor is just a build up, part two is coming soon. First of all, Sarah if Chloe is split in two books tell people. I’m throw you under the bus at this omission of stating that this books is only half of the story. I’m not mad you split the book, GURL make that money! *clapping for her* but damn I won’t buy Chloe now lol I can wait. You can get my coin at a later time.

Final verdict: 4 out 5 Bookmarks.

Sarah writes well. I was hooked from start to end. Her characters feel real with a mind of their own. This is my preference but, I swear you can place her characters in any other world/book and it works. I’m not saying that her books are basic or bad, but besides her mafia angle there was nothing else moving the plot/story. I would be interested to see Maria’s story as she seems more colorful since she grew up in the mafia world. Otherwise Made Men doesn’t stand out as much as other books out there. Cora Reily (the ghost) has similar books too.

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Til the next book adventure



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