La Bamba – Ruthless (Gillian Archer)

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Have you ever seen the video clip of La Bamba? The actor in this clip does well to capture Ritchie Valens in those words he gives in those tiny seconds before he rips into the performance that is full on swag and rockstar throughout the entire 2 minutes and 37 second video. It reminded me of Ruthless by Gillian Archer, or I should better say the main male lead in the book. Ritchie just seemed to capture Zag in that moment in the clip, cocky AF in the best annoying way possible.  Yes, this is official a category, I am calling it “the asshole, but he is my asshole so it’s okay” category.


Do they not look bad ass? Maybe it is just me, but Ritchie and Ruthless fit so well when I was listening to the song as I read the book.  27960210

Find Ruthless on these websites: Goodreads, AmazonGillian’s official website.

I remember disliking the best friend of the main character. She seems like a bitter Betty, and I was like no ma’am no Pam. Otherwise, I went into the book with an open mind not really expecting much. I just wanted a book to avoid my giant loads of papers that were due a few days ago. It’s why I am writing all my reviews now since I finally have time to write about what I read about a few weeks back. I still remember the stories since my memory (for now) still works and retains books well enough to write reviews. I’m excited to read her other books, which follow right after this book as Ruthless is part of a series. Rebellious is coming out soon on September 2016 so if you liked Ruthless watch out for her new release this Fall!

I wonder when MC type books will die down. Similar to vampire and werewolves, all of sudden I found so many MC books appear. Which ones are you favorite? Let me know in the comments below, any books you like or that I should read let me know. Recommend books you love and I’ll review them (if you like how I review books that is! 😎)


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