Cake + Pizza – Suzanne Wright (Book Review)



I almost never use gif. Not because I don’t love gif, but I really like using my own images that I edit individually and I use certain images based on what I write and my theme for that post. I do have a theme for my writing  despite the theme sometimes not being openly and exciplity said by me. But hot damn, Suzanne Wright I love you and would give my leg and vagina for your writing skills. Gif Example: ‘I just flooded my basement’ is the perfect gif for the occasion. (Ginger from RPDR S7).

I was very fortune and lucky to receive an advanced copy of her new upcoming book: Savage Urges. Go get it, buy it, and read it once it’s released! May 3rd! Goodreads, AmazonFacebook Link.

Available May 3rd


Everyone… I really, really like this book. By the end of chapter 1, I was like, “okay, this is a good start to the book. I wonder what this book is about.” I had to look up the blurb again since I sincerely forgot what the book was about. After a quick Google search, I confirmed who the main couple was. Then by the end of chapter 2-3, “God damn it Wright I’m fully attached to the characters and I’m only 10% into the book” I really love her ability to write well, simplistic in the best way possible. She is not like other writers who hide and tease you in the manner that some other readers fully enjoy, in being played with by the author’s will. I don’t like that technique unless I absolutely love the characters and their witty banter, and by extension I love the author too. Otherwise it doesn’t work and it’s like watching a couple try to be hot and flirty in Disneyland on a Sunday. No. Families go there on Sunday, there are children! (Sarcasm)

Without revealing much beyond the plot posted online thus far, I want to say enough to get you hyped about her new book, but not too much to get your hopes up. Keeping a little mystery 😉 for you from me this way.

I loved her for how she builds the plot behind each character, Wright is great at turning corners as each turn could seem insignificant or unsurprising to most (like a corner could have minimal shock factor), but that’s her brilliance as an author. The impact is small in the after effect, but at that moment she builds and creates suspense well. Wright does well to tell you the story chapter by chapter and makes you want more from the story even after it has an ending. You want to know more about everyone and creating a world full of such characters is great. I only find a few books that could do this.

While reading the book, all I could think of was cake. It’s as if I was eating cake and you take a bite and another bite. Soon all the cake is gone and you’re like, “what just happened? Where did the cake go- No- Did I eat the entire-!?” And so the cake disappears and you want more, but you should wait a day before you eat cake again because it’s cake. So many calories.

I can’t wait for more future releases from her. I honestly do love her stuff, and I have read most of her books (her vampire series Deep in Yout Veins is good, but I have not have time to read beyond book 1. Also when I was following this specific series of hers there was only 2 books out not 5).

Til the next great book adventure.



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