Nina Croft Space Wonderland

I am struggling with a lot. I won’t be quiet nor shy about it. I feel that everyone struggles. Sometimes the struggles weighs you down more forcible than other moments when you feel invincible and happy. I have to worry about where to go and live during summer. I have other personal stuff to worry about such as my future and money issues. I could have a disability and I realize that death will always haunt no matter the amount of makeup or smiles or work I do to seem otherwise. 


Save the Sushi

Well, due to the struggle being real. I read books to escape and I found the will to continue being me. I plan to work my ass off to plan my life, but book gods help me swim through this murky as hell waters called life and grad school. 

(Side note, I totally love the sushi set I found this weekend! I wish I bought it, but I’m so low on funds. So what do you do when art is expensive? You window-shop and take photos. It’s good for your wallet and state of mind.)

Today, I want to share Nina Croft’s books. The romance is heavy, but at times I focused my attention more on the plot than the main couple romance books tend to emphasize on. I loved the background and world Nina creates with each book. This is a series. I read the first book in 2011, and mind you that was not long ago. I had no time to read back to the first book. I vaguely remember reading the second book. I managed to read once more the second book, and it was nice. I felt like I understood the book the second time around, but it didn’t feel as new as it once it. With these books you expect a happy ending and know since the beginning the likelihood of a couple forming and remaining a couple until the end of the book. Knowing that information, I enjoy the journey and trouble it takes for two people to feel love towards each other. While romance books are so generic and typical, but you should learn from these books is the struggle of forming a bond to another human. You learn to balance between what is love in the forms of mental, physical and how time changes love. Nowadays, there’s instant love tropes, love that began with hatred roots, and mistrust allows comes in between popping at moments. Walking beyond the normal setups of girl meets boy that seems unattainable, romance and love isn’t easy. For each book, I always ask ‘what is love and how is it formed?’

Sit down let’s talk

Going back Nina, she writes heavily (lengthy) in third person. By book three, I was sold and I needed to know not only which character got with who, but I demanded to know what and where meridian is?! These are stand alone novels meaning the shift of narrative and focus on characters changes each book. I for once read each book in order. Usually, I skip around books depending on how good each book is received and the blurb. The reason I read Nina’s Blood Hunter series in order was because when I found the series there was only 2 books published. I found the third and then realized there was two more following the third book already released. I was slow in finding out there was more books to the series. I’m glad I read this series in order. I think by the third book I was hooked. The third book changes the plot, and connects into the fourth book. Book 1 was set up to introduce the crew and the background. By book 2 you are comfortable with the world Nina created and you know the characters. By book 3, surprises pop out here and there. Slowly the plot turns corners and by the end your response is ‘that’s it?’ Which can be a good or bad thing. I think Nina does well to write a plot with direction. She does set up well despite my own preference of cutting parts in her novel here and there. This is just her style. I like her style of writing and then I do not at times. 

I am on book 5 currently. Meaning I will start book 5 sometime this week. I just wanted to write about Nina Croft’s series Blood Hunter, which is a story set in space about rebels. She does well to move a plot filled with issues that could relate to issues we have/had that cause us to fighting and even war(s). 

Go check Nina Croft. Please note I only read the series I mentioned above and one of her other books. I know she has more, but I have not gotten around to reading those nor have they peaked my interests. 

Sorry that is this quick and slightly unpolished review and post. I wrote this to relief some stress and just talk about things you know? Usually, in person I won’t talk about romance novels since I feel that my friends would judge me for it. Similar with music tastes, I enjoy some bands that I groupie/fan girl too servely that the only way to voice my opinions about such things is via the Internet. Thank you Internet fam! 

Keep you double chins up so it looks like you got a but lift on your chin. 


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