First Random Explanation


I decided to blog about random things. From makeup to people I meet or books or films etc. I want to give my honest opinion so for now I want to keep my identity hidden. This is just one outlet out of many to express myself and I hope I find others who will like the same things I do! Or know you aren’t alone in feeling as I do. 

Today, I will talk about makeup mainly. I watch drag race, but through various queens surrounding drag helped me realize that makeup is just another way to feel good. It can be a form of expression, art, or an armor. Similar to video games, you can choose to be and look like someone or something else. Isn’t that awesome? Because it is to me!

So I’m guilty. I tried the trend of fake lashes and I actually got my lashes from Japan. I found this clear glue at Don Quijote. 

I have not found such awesome glue in America. I really like this glue compared to American ones, which aren’t as sticky nor clear. Maybe I haven’t found the right glue. Haha but the glue I got in Japan was cheap so I’ll use this until I finish it off. 

Based off Tati’s (Glam Life Guru Tati’s YouTube Channel) recommendation, I tried this foundation from Neutrogena. It was okay. It was too yellow for my skin tone and overall I did not like how it felt once I applied on my skin. I usually use Cover Fx since it has SPF of 30 (I think) and it’s not liquid but it is also not powder either. Certain areas of my face get oily while I get patches of dry flakes elsewhere. Sigh. Make up problems yo. 

Check Tati out, I look how through she is with her review. I am a beginner, amateur really. I just write to write and voice well my thoughts. (Insert shy smile)


I got a sample of Too Faced eye shadow primer which was good. I own an Urban Decay eye primer and a Smashbox eye primer which I prefer to use over this Too Faced primer. Urban Decay keeps my eye shadow on the longest while Smashbox whiteouts all my veins and gives me a blank “canvas” to paint on.

So this beauty below is also from Japan. Called Media. The hue is pink with a shimmer not a gloss. It’s smooth and does not dry your lips out. Sadly, it does wear off easily since this makeup is drug store status in Japan. (Well, I got this at Picasso, which is a mix between small grocery store and drug store). In short, I didn’t get this in a boutique.  
To end on a positive note, I write this post to mention great finds I want you to know about. My persona isn’t something I could put on YouTube since I want your attention on what I say not on how I look or don’t look. There is so much shit in the world and I won’t sugar coat it and tell you there isn’t bad things outside your computer screen. I will say that there is good, positive stuff. Not to offend those who could be labeled as “hippies” but I want to create a positive space with my writing. Half the time I’m a ball of negativity but I like to think that I could really smile to someone and have them smile back. 

In the words of Kurt Cobain 

“I think I’m dumb. Maybe I’m happy. I think I’m just happy”

If you have any suggestion or have stuff you want me to look at let me know. I will delete all spam. Even the spam from Hawaii (but only online!) haha.
Please not some of this makeup is samples I received a long time ago. I kept it and used them awhile back so if you know these products are dated. Sorry, I know that as well. I just thought of doing something with these products before I threw them away after they were used. 


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