Books + Coffee + Music = My Fridays

Don’t get me confused. I club. I pub crawl. But my mind is battered, my body is so weak sometimes that sometimes (okay most of the time) I just want to curl up in my bed and read a book. Time disappears and I get sucked into a nice book that makes me feel things. Things I feel I could never truly understand. I drink coffee from a can and read random stories recommended of off Good Reads. 

The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan. I saw the hyper over this series of hers. I avoided it until now. Glad the hyper was worth it. The storyline could be believable to a degree at least for me. But I loved the characters for who they were. I read a lot of romance books and from what I have read Callihan’s plot is nothing new. There’s hundred of books about football player romance! There’s baseball and hockey players too. 

I think the blurb does the book no justice, which is sad. It felt really typical for me. After awhile, you can tell from a blurb how the story will turn out. Trust me. If you practice reading the blurb before and after you can pin point what each author tries to use to lure you, the reader, to read their book. Some have great blurb but the story or writing or both are a let down. Sometimes it’s the opposite. The writing just flows well from chapter one til the end of the book. I hate when authors try to feel pages up with “character background or buildup” which is not down correctly, too lengthy, or just not interesting enough. Yes, you can say I am being picky, but all those popular must read authors have books that sweep you away. You can’t put its own until the books decides to let you go once you finish it haha! That is the magic of efficient, good writing my dears!

I’ll try not to spoil the book, but in short I loved them both. Their fears as individuals and as a couple feel real to me. You want something to work, but sometimes things don’t fall into place. You work yourself to the bone to make it fit. It gets hard. Do you stick to what you think you want or what seems right? Making a choice that not only effects you, but others? That’s always hard.   
So I got this coffee from the local store. I surprisingly like it! I thought it was BOSS coffee, but now I realize it’s not. Yet it’s still good! It’s from Sapporo based on the writing on the back of the can. Thanks Sapporo! 

Don’t you feel better after reading something nice? A sense of comfort? I felt down this whole week. I got critics and feedback, and you try your best. Then you realize it wasn’t enough. Yeah, that was me this week. I let myself get pulled into the anger, but I went on the Internet and saw Jack (another YouTuber) play undertale. Which is awesome! Anyway, I forgot about the negative after wallowing in pity. 

Cheer up! It sucks today, but today will be over soon if it isn’t already. Think of tomorrow or the day after as a new day. It’s okay to feel sad, but never linger in it. The toughest thing to do is stay and keep positivity on your side. Since it’s always easier to feel sad than be happy. 



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